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CabbitWolf has been renamed.  View the new blog at:

Greetings to all my readers. After some time away from the bloggersphere, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to make a transition that I’ve been wanting to do for some time. CabbitWolf Media was originally created as just a way for me and my brother to blow off some steam. However after some time and growth, it has grown to something much more than I originally intended. I discovered my love for writing about games, while my brother has unfortunately lost interest. As well as most of my content features gaming, and nothing really else. No ill towards my brother, but suffice to say, the original name just doesn’t fit anymore.

Due to’s lack of a way to change site names, I decided to just recreate my blog under a new name entirely. Unfortunately (again) this means my views and links will become lost. However, I believe views don’t make a site, but rather community. So I’ve no doubt I can rebuild.

Only real struggles so far has been losing my theme (No longer available).  So I’m still working on selecting and designing a theme that will fit all my old content.  So please bear with me.  EDIT: Thanks to WordPress, I’ve been able to get my favorite theme transfered to the new blog.  Wordpress has my deepest thanks!

I must make it known, I have no ill towards as they have provided a great platform for sharing my content at no cost. And I love them for it. I also will continue to feature my brother’s posts on my new site.

I hope you will all follow my new blog and I hope to see your comments there, as I will continue to follow those I’ve met here! Thank you for your time!

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Playstation 2013 Event Afterthoughts

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

ps4logoIf you missed it somehow, Sony revealed their new console deemed the Playstation 4.  With its announcement I figured I’d give some afterthoughts on how it played out and what it means for other companies.

The Presentation
I assumed all we would get is Sony claiming the PS4 was coming, flash a video reel of game names, then say good night with a Holiday 2013 caption. Thank goodness I was wrong. Instead we were greeted by some of gaming’s biggest heads discussing their visions, we got some live gameplay of a few games, some general specs, and a look into an amazing new network. Read more…

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Sword Art Online Review

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At first glance, I figured Sword Art Online to be a sort of .hack copy of sorts. However after watching the initial episode, I quickly realized its potential. A simple fun idea that quickly has a wrench thrown into it that will have you at the edge of your seat.

sao2The story follows a kid named Kirito who seems like a sort of shut-in. For a while now, he had been beta testing a new Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Mouthful right? This VRMMORPG named Sword Art Online is later sold in limited quantity to the very eager mass public. Once in the new virtual world, Kirito parts from the initial crowds and party centered battle system to level on his own. Since he knows all the best places to level. Later, after being talked into assisting a new player, they attempt to log out only to find the Log Out interface is missing. Being as the VR headsets lock into the brain, trying to take off the headset is impossible without someone outside the game removing it. Read more…

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50%Off Final Fantasy Titles on PSN

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

ff25The Final Fantasy franchise is celebrating 25 years on the North American Playstation Store by slashing prices on many titles by 50%.  These titles include:

  • DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PSP)
  • FINAL FANTASY Tactics: War of Lions (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy II (PSOne Classics)
  • FINAL FANTASY IV: Complete Collection (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy V (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy IX (PSOne Classics)

Think I may finally snag my copy of FF8 before I miss it again.

Source: Playstation Blog

Did VersusXIII Move To PS4?

February 5, 2013 2 comments

ffvxiiiWarning: No statement has been made by Square Enix, this is purely rumor and speculation.

A user on NeoGAF has made some bold claims.  His sources tell him Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s development has been moved to the PS4. Not only that, but that it’s name will be changed and it will be due out in 2014.

While Square Enix has not confirmed, it sort of fits the bill. It would explain the severe lack of information on the game for the last few 2 years. As well as explain even the lack of screenshots as they would reveal next-gen tech. Read more…

Sony To Announce PS4 on February 20th?

January 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Sony’s Playstation Blog has just released a teaser for their big press conference on February 20th.  All signs point to next gen as their slogan is about the “Future of Playstation.”  Hopefully if it is the PS4, we’ll get to see some next gen games as well.

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Killzone Mercenary Gets Date and Footage

January 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Sony has finally released some pretty awesome footage as well as a September 17th release date for it’s Vita exclusive Killzone title.

Warning, trailer contains graphic violence.

Killzone: Mercenary is a new first-person shooter in the Killzone series, developed specifically for the PlayStation Vita platform and powered by the stunning Killzone engine. Read more…

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