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Jet Set Radio HD Priced and Dated

August 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Jet Set Radio HD was announced to be released by Sega this year. Today they have sent out press releases with the following information.  Each platform will have their own release dates as well as pricing will be similar.  Playstation Plus users get exclusive early access.

Platform – Date – Price
Xbox Live Arcade on September 19 for 800 MS Points
PC on Steam on September 19 for 800 MS Points
PS3 PSN on September 18 for $9.99
Vita PSN on October 16 for $9.99

Playstation Plus members will get the game one week earlier exclusively on September 11th.

Still no word on if buying the PS3 version unlocks it for Vita as well, of it it will have to be purchased separately.

I’m a little disappointed at the delay for the Vita version, as it’s the platform I want it on, but I’m happy or the price.  I guess unless I hear about PS3/Vita being a single purchase, I’ll be holding off on buying it til October.

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CWPodcast Diablo 3

July 16, 2012 Leave a comment

We are back with an all new CabbitWolf Podcast episode.  In this episode we discuss our final thoughts on Diablo 3.  How it was, how it’s been, and if we feel it has any more longevity left in it.

We hope you enjoy!

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Valkyria Duel Revealed As Browser Game

June 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Ugh.  Tis a sad day for my hopes and dreams.  Sega trademarked Valkyria Duel quite a while back, and some rumored it would be a VC1+3 Vita HD title.  Well, Sega has come to light and aided us all in relieving us from the pain of anticipation by just stepping on it.

Valkyria Duel will be a browser based Card game where you pin your cards against others.  It will also feature some sort of base building system similar to the 50 million other browser titles.

Score one for Sega for destroying a unique and innovative franchise.  And turning it into yet another copy/paste browser/card game title.  Score one for innovation.

Forgive me for my severe negativity here, this is just quite upsetting for me.  I love the Valkyria franchise very much, and I’ve waited far too long for more support for it.

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Game Watch – June 2012

June 17, 2012 Leave a comment

With the conclusion of E3 and the wrapping up of 2nd half of 2012, it’s time for another Game Watch segment.  These are titles that I’m keeping an eye on and want to buy or see released in the US.  A lot of it is for my noting, but I love to share with you all so you may get some ideas for some great titles to go after yourself.

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Diablo 3 Review

June 11, 2012 4 comments

Finally after over a decade, fans and newcomers alike have gotten their hands on the latest installment of the Diablo series. Diablo 3 a PC/Mac title produced by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. It’s predecessors have seen huge success. So the question remains, can the third installment live up to the hype?

Diablo 3 covers the story of a lone hero who is drawn to a fallen comet. Upon arriving at a town nearby called New Tristam, the hero meets Leah. She claims her uncle Deckard Cain had fallen into a hole produced by the fallen comet and fears the worst. The hero aids Leah in finding Deckard Cain, all the while the forces of hell rise up around them.  This all later turns to a larger scheme as the player discovers a soul stone that encapsulates the souls to bring greater power to the humans.  The use of it could bring salvation to mankind, or it’s destruction. Read more…

Wins and Fails of E3 2012

June 8, 2012 3 comments

Well, E3 like it or not is wrapping up.  Personally from a “Must See All!” standpoint, I welcome it’s end.  While from a “There’s gotta be more!” standpoint, I wish it continued.  Unfortunately, the cards are dealt and there’s nothing more to reveal.  Where the cards lay however is the question of the year.  Who grabbed our attention, who made us cry, and who made us hurl.  Here is my take on how E3 went.  What I’m excited for, what I hated not seeing, and what I wish I didn’t see.

Best Platform Conference:
Let’s just get the elephant out of the way. Winner is Sony Computer Entertainment. They provided the most amazing titles, awe inducing content, and biggest slew of great exclusive titles. My only problem, which is a huge one, is that they wasted too much time on Wonderbook and alienated the Vita. Read more…

Diablo 3 Early Thoughts

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s no question, the Diablo series is just one of those games that just takes large amounts of hours to get a true grasp on how to rate it. One major reason is because it just keeps getting harder and harder. So I have to say, I have a question on how well it will pan out in Nightmare, so I may be doing another full review later. For now, Early Thoughts!

I can’t really explain much of the story, as it’s riddled with plot turns.  Many of which very early.  The story revolves in the world of Sanctuary, 20 years after the events of Diablo 2.  Deckard Cain is investigating some prophecy text in Tristram.  A ball of fire falls from the sky and crashes through the ground and Cain falls into it’s depths before his niece Leah’s eyes.  An unknown hero is drawn to this falling object and is later recruited by Leah’s pleas to find Cain.  All the while, the forces of hell rise up to take over the world of Sanctuary. Read more…