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Welcome to Cabbit’s Game Watch Page.  On this page I post, keep track, and update which exciting titles I’m watching.  These are titles that peak my interest, show promise, or that I’m just drooling to get my hands on.  I enjoy sharing this information as it’s a great way for others to discover great new titles.

Last Updated: December 31st, 2012

Games With US Confirmation:
-Wrath of the White Witch (PS3) While it was easily my most anticipated title of 2012, this amazing RPG developed by Level5 and Studio Ghibli, was delayed sadly til early 2013. I only recently finally came out from my pouting corner in order to write this. (January 22 2013)
-Fire Emblem: Awakening (February 4 2013)
-Tomb Raider (PS3/Xbox360) The female Uncharted. While Lara Croft definitely seems to be the original Nathan Drake, I can’t help but see the stark similarities in the gameplay here to an Uncharted title. Which is okay, because this game looks amazing. I’m just waiting to see just how much of this game is on rails. (March 5 2013)

Games Yet To Be Dated: (Ugh, just give us a date already!)
-Tales of Xillia (PS3) Finally we got a confirmation on this PS3 exclusive Tales title. I’m hoping this title will renew my love and hope for the series after Graces hurt my standing on it. (Confirmed 2013)
-Castlevania Mirror of Fate (3DS) Based off the Lord of Shadow series, this amazing side scrolling action platformer is slated for fall release. (Delayed 2013)
-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3/Vita) I never played any of the Sly Cooper series, but I’m aware of their fan base. It only takes seeing the amazing Vita gameplay trailers of this title to know I’ll be stealing it for my collection. However I’m still unsure if it will be a day one purchase, I will be getting it eventually. (2012)
-Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS) Fire Emblem brought some amazing fun days in the years of the Sega Genesis. Fire Emblem Awakening seeks to rekindle that fire for me. At E3 they announced it’s localization, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this. (Given 2013 Window)
-Watch Dogs (PS3/Xbox360/PC) Best of show for me this year’s E3, Watch Dogs looks truly amazing. We’ve yet to see any release date and I’m keeping an eye on it as to how it will shape up. I have to say, with amazing visuals like that, I may need to get a new gaming PC just for it.
-Zone of Enders HD Collection (Vita) Confirmed October 20th release on Xbox360 and PS3, however lack of any word on Vita has me worried.  I’ll be holding out for Vita.
-Final Fantasy Versus 13 (PS3) Now in full steam again (or so they say), this title should be getting more development attention.  Sadly, the hype it once had has dwindled to a mere spark, I can’t help but still crave it every time I see images of it.  Remember that clip of Noctus guarded by a flurry of blades?  Yeah.. epic.  Well, here’s to hoping they don’t mess it up with a cross platform move.
-Soul Sacrifice (Vita) Recently revealed by Sony as a first party exclusive Vita title. This title seems to be their answer to having a solid Monster Hunter title for the Vita. (Even though we get that with Ragnarok Odyssey). The gameplay looks pretty sweet and it looks very gritty in style.
-Tokitowa (PS3) An interesting title with so much secrecy it has me annoyed.  They boast it’s a game where you control a 2D anime style animated characters.  I kind of have a picture in my head of how it would works.  Many games in the past with lower capabilities have pulled off similar, hopefully this one will do better.  I’m not expecting the world, cause I know what that would entail.

Unconfirmed US Localization:
-Ex Troopers (3DS) Based off the Lost Planet series, this game looks visually like Valkyria Chronicles and gameplay smack out of Lost Planet. It looks decent, however not good enough to get the PS3 version. I’m keeping an eye on it for the 3DS.  (Update: US may not get 3DS version)
-Beyond the Labyrinth (3DS) A very charming looking title that takes a interesting take on the dungeon crawling.  From the looks of it, you’re an unseen party of I believe pixies.  You travel through a dungeon with the focus being on a young girl.  She’s very animated and fun to watch.  Visually, the game looks great as well.  Again, has no confirmations, but this would definitely be great to have.
-Final Fantasy Type-0 (PSP/Vita?) I’m still holding hope for this title.  I played the demo and it was absolutely amazing.  Sadly, PSP is not well regarded by JP in the US.  I was hoping for at least a PSN release so it could be played on the Vita.  I guess it really comes down to if the rumored Type-1 and Type-2 are going to be made.  The chances of it being a success oversees will be low if they never bring over Type-0. Near E3 there was rumors of a Vita remastered version for US, but that never seen the light of day.
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (3DS) A old style RPG from Square Enix.  While it doesn’t look stunning graphics wise, it has the charm of titles like FF:The 4 Heroes of Light.  I’d be happy to have this title in my collection, however it has no confirmation yet for US. Recently they revealed a job system which looks great!

Foolish Hope:
-Valkyria Chronicles Series Yeah, it’s sad I know.  I’m still holding on to hope for a return.  I’ve heard nothing new on 3 localization or a possible 4.  I still hope or a HD release for the Vita or something.  All I know is that there’s a possible nail in the coffin for the series as a whole.  The nail in the coffin being Shining Blade.
-Shining Blade (PSP) Shining Blade is a title that uses the engine made for Valkyria Chronicles.  You can see it when you watch gameplay of it.  While it’s no VC, I’m hoping it will be just as fun gameplay.  Because let’s face it, VC2 was all about the addictive gameplay.  Shining Blade is PSP, so the chances of a localization is pretty much zero.
-Tales of Innocence R (Vita) Another Tales title that I would love to have.  Sadly, Tales titles on the handheld have been a thing of the past since Tales of the World, but I’m hoping this will see the light of day over here.  I’d love to have this on my Vita.

That concludes my current Game Watch List. I’ll add to it as I go along, but it’s pretty solid as is. Hope you got some great title ideas from this.

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