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50%Off Final Fantasy Titles on PSN

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

ff25The Final Fantasy franchise is celebrating 25 years on the North American Playstation Store by slashing prices on many titles by 50%.  These titles include:

  • DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PSP)
  • FINAL FANTASY Tactics: War of Lions (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy II (PSOne Classics)
  • FINAL FANTASY IV: Complete Collection (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy V (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy IX (PSOne Classics)

Think I may finally snag my copy of FF8 before I miss it again.

Source: Playstation Blog


Vita To Be Final Fantasy Heaven?

June 30, 2012 Leave a comment

With the recent news of the DS version of Final Fantasy 3 being ported to the PSP, I can’t help but revisit this particular subject.  Not just that the PSP is a gold mine for Final Fantasy titles, but what it all means for the Vita.

As we know, the Vita can emulate pretty much any PSP title that’s on the PSN.  We also know that PS1 Classics will be coming to the Vita this summer.  Finally, we know that Final Fantasy X will be getting an HD version on the Vita.  Couple that with the rumors of Type-0, and the possibilities of FFXII HD following FFX HD.  It’s madness!

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Theatrhythm: Why I’m terrible At Rhythm Games

May 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Since the early days of Dance Dance Revolution, I’ve been trying to get into the beat, rhythm, and step games.  Granted step games never worked for me because I’m… well not quick on my toes.  However I gave DDR a proper go on the PC and enjoyed it a little.  After a few weeks of that, I really gave up on the scene.  I never touched Guitar Hero or anything of the like.  However recently I dabbled a little into a Miku rhythm demo game on PSP.

Over all these games I realized something really important.  I’m terrible at rhythm games.  To be honest I kind of dislike the genre.  So when someone asks me, “You’re getting Theatrhythm?? Are you mad?!”  It’s no surprise.  Frankly, if it weren’t for the Final Fantasy aspect, I’d not touch this game with a 10 foot pole.  It’s really the fact that I absolutely LOVE Final Fantasy music.  It’s been a huge part of my life and their music has always moved me like no other music I’ve listened to.

Today, I watched a few videos posted by IGN for Theatrhythm and I remembered why I’m so terrible at Rhythm games.  It’s a simple fact that I always feel like I’m missing something when I play these.  Rhythm games are always riddled with visuals in the background that have either someone dancing, a scenic view, or many other things.  I just can’t help but look at anything but the beat indicator.  When watching the Theatrhythm videos, I realized I’m so going to be failing at this game.  Each song has either amazing nostalgic CGIs like FF8’s ballroom scene, a battle scene with classic monsters, or field music with all the sites of the original game’s world.

I’m so in trouble…

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be releasing in the US on July 3rd for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Final Fantasy VI Review

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been so long since I first played this Super NES classic. Back in 1994 it was named the 3rd installment of Final Fantasy in the US. Of course for Japan, it was the 6th.  Since then it has been remade/ported for Gameboy Advanced, Playstation 1, Wii, PSN, and soon 3DS.

The story follows a band of warriors that come together to thwart the plans of an evil empire that seeks to draw the magic from beings known as Espers.  The Espers were magic infused humans who were sealed away into another world after a catastrophic war known as the War of the Magi, one thousand years prior. Read more…

Theatrhythm and Kingdom Hearts 3D Dated

April 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Wow, SquareEnix is being so generous with dates. They recently announced the release dates for North America for both of these fantastic titles.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
July 31st

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
July 3rd

Seems like July is the month of the 3DS, or the month of SquareEnix!

Source: GamingUnion

PSN Final Fantasy Titles 30-50% Off

March 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Starting today for a limited time, Final Fantasy titles on the US Playstation Network are 30% off for all users (50% off for Plus Members). Snag up your titles today to get in on the deals.

Qualifying Titles and Prices are as follows. PS Plus Member Price in Parathesis.

PS1 Classics:
Final Fantasy Origins $6.99 (4.89)
Final Fantasy V $6.99 (4.89)
Final Fantasy VI $6.99 (4.89)
Final Fantasy VII $6.99 (4.89)
Final Fantasy VIII $6.99 (4.89)
Final Fantasy IX $6.99 (4.89)
Final Fantasy Tactics $6.99 (4.89)

PSP Titles:
DISSIDIA Final Fantasy $13.99 (9.79)
Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection $20.99 (14.69)
Final Fantasy Tactics The War Of The Lions $6.99 (4.89)

Might finally snag my digital copy of FF8 so I can take it on the go. FFTWotL looks tempting to put on my Vita as well…  Those considering getting Tactics, remember the War Of The Lions version is the remastered version.  It’s highly recommended if you have a PSP/Vita to grab that version over the PS1 classic version.  It’s much more polished and has bonus features.

CWPodcast Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes Of Light

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Bargain Bag Episode strikes again!  This quick episode features Cabbit giving a quick overview and review of the DS title Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.  During which time, Wolf plots on how he can steal it from Cabbit.

We hope you enjoy!

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