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Will Wii U Rise or Fall?

September 16, 2012 3 comments

The feeds are alive with the sound of Wii U.  Love it or hate it, its here and it’s getting some major attention.  Nintendo has given us prices, dates, and launch line-ups.  $300-350 for console, 20 plus $60 title, and a November 18 release date.  However after all the flash, glamor, and PR we are left with the question of if it will sell or bomb.  The analyst have done their analyzing, the news have weighed in, and the retailers have claimed sell-outs.  Is it smoke and mirrors, or is it real?  Here’s my take.

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Wii U Priced and Dated

September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been an exciting day for Nintendo fans across the world.  Nintendo has finally revealed all their cards for their latest home console the Wii U.  Placing a Japan release of December 8th, Europe date of November 30th, and a North American date of November 18th.  While this date may trouble some, I can only seem to assume this is for demand and stock purposes.  They may feel getting as many units to North American’s large audience for Black Friday is their best bet for sales.

The next bit of news is the models.  Wii U will release in 2 bundles.  Sadly for each region, the contents may change.  For the North American region, we have the following.  Basic Edition ($299) comes a white console with 8GB internal flash storage, a gamepad, a stylus, a sensor bar, HDMI cable, and AC adapters for the console and gamepad.  The Deluxe Edition ($349) comes with a black console with 32GB internal flash storage, a gamepad, stylus, sensor bar, HDMI cable, AC adapters for console and gamepad, Nintendo Land game, deluxe subscription, gamepad cradle, gamepad stand, and console stand. Read more…

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Wins and Fails of E3 2012

June 8, 2012 3 comments

Well, E3 like it or not is wrapping up.  Personally from a “Must See All!” standpoint, I welcome it’s end.  While from a “There’s gotta be more!” standpoint, I wish it continued.  Unfortunately, the cards are dealt and there’s nothing more to reveal.  Where the cards lay however is the question of the year.  Who grabbed our attention, who made us cry, and who made us hurl.  Here is my take on how E3 went.  What I’m excited for, what I hated not seeing, and what I wish I didn’t see.

Best Platform Conference:
Let’s just get the elephant out of the way. Winner is Sony Computer Entertainment. They provided the most amazing titles, awe inducing content, and biggest slew of great exclusive titles. My only problem, which is a huge one, is that they wasted too much time on Wonderbook and alienated the Vita. Read more…

Musing on Nintendo E3 Conference 2012

June 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Easily one of the most anticipated conference of the year due to people wanting to see more of this next gen console barely touched on at E3 2011.  It’s the WiiU of course.  Console with so much confusion brought to it, with a confusing name to boot.  However, enough of last year.

To be honest I was going to choose not to make a musing post on Nintendo.  I’m just still sour to Nintendo over my WiiWoes.  However  I’m going to hold my tongue as much as possible and give my take on things. Read more…

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