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Top 20 Playstation 1 Games

To be honest, the age of Playstation was huge for me. The amount of producers that flocked to this console produced a library so huge it makes most consoles blush. That said, pinning down top# lists is a hard thing to manage. However, after some time of arguing with myself, I managed to compile my top 20 favorite titles of the PS1 era.  Hope you enjoy!

  1. Xenogears – Easily my favorite game of all time.  It featured an amazing cast, great art style, addictive combo based combat, deep story, great plot twists, and many gameplay mechanics that kept it fresh.
  2. Final Fantasy 7 – While not the greatest FF of all time or most deep story, FF7 revolutionized the way RPG stories were told.  The use of amazing pre-rendered backgrounds as well as CGIs in real time events was key.
  3. Final Fantasy Tactics – The most amazingly addictive Tactical RPG ever invented.  The job system was amazing and there was so much depth to the combat, it’s yet to be rivaled.
  4. Resident Evil 2 – The best Resident Evil game to date.  The sense of horror and helplessness this game entailed has yet to be outdone by it’s sequels.
  5. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete – While it is a port, it was remastered so beautifully.  The story was priceless, characters were well crafted, and the combat worked great.
  6. Metal Gear Solid – This iconic title was a masterpiece in stealth or action gameplay. More so, the amazing thought put into each detail and ever changing and ever fresh gameplay elements.  Also, the narrative and voicing work made the characters come alive.
  7. Final Fantasy 8 – Following the success of 7, 8 expanded on the great gameplay and visuals.  On top of that, it had a great story.  While the draw system was a huge crippling of the game, it still did so many things right that I can overlook it.
  8. Parasite Eve – Truly a unique game idea, Parasite Eve seemed like a cross between Resident Evil and an RPG.  And it worked!  Great story telling, fun weapon customization, and great gameplay.
  9. MegaMan Legends – The transition from 2D to 3D killed off a lot of 2D platformer IPs, but Megaman changed that with this priceless gem.  It became one of (if not the first) 3rd person shooters I loved.
  10. Final Fantasy 9 – Ah yes, yet another FF in my list.  Concluding the age of pixel characters running on Pre-Rendered backgrounds, FF9 was a homage to the original FF titles from the Nintendo era.  Great story, great characters, and a great skill system.
  11. Legend of Dragoon – Another amazing Pre-Rendered RPG.  This classic title still stands as a great storytelling title with a unique combat element with spirits and precision.
  12. Bushido Blade – One of the most ingenious fighting games I’ve ever played.  No health bars, just 2 opponents with weapons seeing who will lay the lethal blow.  I was so addicted to this game.
  13. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – The first and only Tenchu I enjoyed, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I had so much fun attempting to not get caught while taking out my enemies from the shadows.
  14. Chrono Cross – Another amazing RPG from the PS1 era.  While it took a lot of flack for not being Chrono Trigger, it definitely brought some great story and gameplay to stand out as it’s own. That and the music, gorgeous!
  15. Tomb Raider – The original Uncharted, Lara was an amazingly unique and awesome protagonist.  Puzzles, action, and platforming was just stellar and it definitely stood out from the rest.
  16. Vagrant Story – An odd cross between a action platformer and a tactical RPG.  This title brings in so many elements so well that it stands out as a gem of the era.
  17. Silent Hill – From start to finish, this title was a survival horror classic and still remains one of my most memorable survival horror titles.
  18. Spyro the Dragon – One of the best 3D platformer titles for the PS1 era.  It was fun, addictive, and had tons of maps to change up the gameplay.
  19. Einhander – While it didn’t change the side scroll shooting genre by mechanics, the environments were detailed and the shifting 3D world made for some stunning atmosphere.
  20. Gran Turismo 2 – I’m not a big racer fan, but this title somehow snagged me.  I guess it was the RPG element of building up to getting the better cars.

Got a classic PS1 title I didn’t mention or want to comment on one I did?  Leave a comment!

  1. July 11, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    I almost completely agree with this list… except there is no Legend of Mana…. or Tomba….

  2. July 11, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Whats Your Tag? :

    I almost completely agree with this list… except there is no Legend of Mana…. or Tomba….

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big Tomba fan. However, Legend of Mana… if I had played more of it then it may have been on this list. It’s definitely an amazing game. I can’t recall why I stopped playing it. Which is especially odd because Secret of Mana was one of my favorite games of all time.

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