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Vita To Be Final Fantasy Heaven?

With the recent news of the DS version of Final Fantasy 3 being ported to the PSP, I can’t help but revisit this particular subject.  Not just that the PSP is a gold mine for Final Fantasy titles, but what it all means for the Vita.

As we know, the Vita can emulate pretty much any PSP title that’s on the PSN.  We also know that PS1 Classics will be coming to the Vita this summer.  Finally, we know that Final Fantasy X will be getting an HD version on the Vita.  Couple that with the rumors of Type-0, and the possibilities of FFXII HD following FFX HD.  It’s madness!

That said, what are the chances that Square Enix may do some big promotion on that fact?  It would seem fitting that possibly at the launch of Final Fantasy X HD that they could do a promotion for the Vita claiming, “Get all Final Fantasy titles 1-10 on one console!”  I personally think it would be pretty cool.  Granted it’s nothing new that the PSP is home of many great FF titles, I already made a similar post like this for the PSP.   FFX just sort of brings it home and opens possibilities for post PS1 era FFs.

Here’s the breakdown for the Vita once all the cards are in play:

  • Final Fantasy 1 – Found within FF Origins (PS1Classic)
  • Final Fantasy 2 – Found within FF Origins (PS1Classic)
  • Final Fantasy 3 – Port from DS remastered title (In Development) (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy 4 – ReMastered Including Afterstory (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy 5 – PS1 remastering (PS1Classic)
  • Final Fantasy 6 – PS1 remastering (PS1Classic)
  • Final Fantasy 7 – ReRelease (PS1Classic)
  • Final Fantasy 8 – ReRelease (PS1Classic)
  • Final Fantasy 9 – ReRelease (PS1Classic)
  • Final Fantasy 10 – HD remaster (Vita)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the9 Lions – ReRelease (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy Dissidia – New Game (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 – New Game – (PSP)
  • Crystal Defenders – New Game (Mini)
  • Final Fantasy Crisis Core – New Game (Not Yet On PSN) (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 – New Game (No US Confirmation) (PSP)

My Plea To Square-Enix:
Please don’t drop the ball on this.  First off, bring FF3 for PSP to the US.  Put it on the PSN as well as UMD.  Second, bring Type-0 to the US already!  PSN or Vita, I don’t care anymore.  Third, put Crisis Core and the Anniversary editions of FF1/FF2 onto the US PSN.  Lastly, please please please make a Vita HD of FF12 without load times within zones.  Do that and I’ll kiss you on the face!  Not really, but it sounded emotional.

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