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Wins and Fails of E3 2012

Well, E3 like it or not is wrapping up.  Personally from a “Must See All!” standpoint, I welcome it’s end.  While from a “There’s gotta be more!” standpoint, I wish it continued.  Unfortunately, the cards are dealt and there’s nothing more to reveal.  Where the cards lay however is the question of the year.  Who grabbed our attention, who made us cry, and who made us hurl.  Here is my take on how E3 went.  What I’m excited for, what I hated not seeing, and what I wish I didn’t see.

Best Platform Conference:
Let’s just get the elephant out of the way. Winner is Sony Computer Entertainment. They provided the most amazing titles, awe inducing content, and biggest slew of great exclusive titles. My only problem, which is a huge one, is that they wasted too much time on Wonderbook and alienated the Vita.

Best Conference:
While Sony had the best conference of the 3 major console companies, they didn’t steal the light. Aside from a very annoying, awkward host attempting to make the worst coined term ever and the repetitively inappropriate content of Farcry 3; Ubisoft was by far the best in show. Revealing a slew of amazing titles unique and original. With amazing titles such as Watch Dogs, ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed 3, AC3:Liberation, Rayman Legends, Just Dance 4, and Splinter Cell. Pretty much everything provided shows excellence in development and innovation. Hats off to you Ubisoft.

Best New IP:
We can talk all day about rehashes, ports, and things already in the know. However this category is for the new breeds. Those wonderful titles we never seen coming. There was a few amazing looking new IPs. You had Beyond from the makers of Heavy Rain. You had ZombiU for the WiiU which looks to bring back real survival horror. Then there was the best. Watch Dogs. This game absolutely stole the show for me. It looks to be a sandbox hacker action title. The use of technology to hack, gain intel, and ultimately meet a goal was amazing. Visually stunning as well. Even though it’s due for PC, Xbox360, and PS3; I may be building a real gaming rig to take advantage of the best it can offer.

Biggest Surprise:
While I’m excited by all the games this year at E3, nothing had me as surprised as my new perspective of WiiU. To be honest before E3 2012 I’d laugh if you asked me if I’m buying a WiiU. I have had nothing but distaste for Nintendo’s home consoles since the Wii’s lack of titles I enjoy. I figured there’d be no way I’d ever touch a WiiU. However after seeing games like ZombiU and Lego City and… ZombiU, I’m crying tears of confusion. It’s like wanting something but not. It’s rather confusing. So my perspective is changed. Will I be buying a WiiU? Probably not for now. However I’m no longer saying never.

Most Disappointing Conference:
This is an easy one to spot. While many of the conferences had their disappointing moments, the one that had me most bored and craving something new was Microsoft. To be honest my Xbox is starting to collect dust, so they were one of the ones I wanted some new content. All we got was rehashes and sequels. Sadly I’m not a big Halo fan, and Gears is just getting dragged through the dirt. Microsoft brought out 3 new IPs but 2 were teaser trailers and the third was a pretty lackluster God of War like game. I hope they turn things around soon but until then, sorry Xbox360 but you’re staying under the dust cover.

Epic Fail Of E3:
The Epic Fail award definitely goes to one deserving home. It’s the award for the worst moved made by a company. Not for doing something against my tastes (because I don’t have enough awards for that). Not for making another rehash (again, not enough awards). No this year it goes to the one company that managed to alienate it’s very own product. One that chose to give more time to a stupid motion storytelling book than to it’s new console. Yes, you may have guess it. To Sony goes the Epic Fail award for managing to only give the Vita 1 new game, 1 short trailer, re-promise PS1 classics, and a short segment on video services during their press conference. You know I could have given the award to Wonderbook, but you know it’s just not the bigger picture. It was what it was replacing, valuable time that could have been spent hyping up their new console. While they came out later and reminded people that there was plenty of Vita games to be seen in their booths, most of that stuff is hard to get coverage of. Congratulations on the Epic Fail Award Sony. *golf clap*

Biggest Rumor Crush:
Every E3 has rumors. We had the usual new Playstation and Xbox. We had a 3DS redesign. We had Vita price drops. A whole host of rumors that never seen the light. Well, the only one I really bit onto and wanted to be true was a Vita version of Final Fantasy Type-0. It seemed plausible as Square-Enix had planned 2 sequels. The US is big sales for their Final Fantasy titles. It’s just PSP is pretty much dead here. So it only seemed natural that they brought it over for Vita. Well, E3 is now closed up, and no word came to surface. Sad panda I am.

Quick Best Of:

  • XBox360: Halo 4
  • PS3: Beyond
  • WiiU: ZombiU
  • CrossPlatform: Watch Dogs
  • Vita: Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation
  • 3DS: Paper Mario Super Star
  • Trailer: Luminous Engine From Square-Enix
  1. June 12, 2012 at 4:23 am

    I’d just like to say that Pikmin is a very underrated series and, with the third game being one of the launch titles for the Wii U, should be given a chance while it’s in the spotlight. I totally agree with your pick for 3DS; Paper Mario: Sticker Star looks fantastic. 😀

    • June 12, 2012 at 7:07 am

      Yeah, I forgot to mention that in my talk on WiiU. I havn’t played the Pikmin series so it’s hard for me to put merit on it, but I have to admit the demo looked very colorful and sharp.

      Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

      • June 12, 2012 at 7:29 am

        Oh yeah, no problem. It’s easy to overlook since it’s not one of Ninty’s flagship franchises. That said, I’m sure it’s gonna be as much fun as the first two, and hopefully more with some of the game engine improvements. :3

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