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Leveling in Final Fantasy 13

Wondering best legit way to raise your characters?  Where is that 2x CP bonus item?  Where is the Growth Egg?  How does Growth Egg Work?  Does it apply to whole group or all characters?  I’m here to help.

While trying to figure out best method of getting my characters up in Crystarium, I had to answer all those questions.

First off, there are a lot of speculation as to where the best spot is to gaining CP, most of them were in the final game area after the 2 ‘arena’ like events.  However this area is after the point of no return.  So if you raise here, you’re stuck there til you finish the game.  After game is over, you can return to the gates.  Another great way to get CP is killing imps in the Central Expanse of Archylte Steppe.  Again, same area, killing the fighting Behemoth and Giant Dog (name escapes me) down the path to the cave to Oerba.  Also doing Hunting Missions is both fun at same time if you don’t like the ‘repetitive’ feel of fighting same monster over and over again.  The list goes on.

The 2x CP (crystarium point) bonus item is called Growth Egg.  It’s an accessory item that you get from doing Mission 55 of the hunt missions for the l’Cei stones.  This must be equipped on a member that is in the battle group. It applies to everyone even those outside the main party.  It of course, doubles what CP you would normally gain.  This shows in the after battle stats.  Instead of seeing 1000 gained, you’ll see 2000.

So where do you get it?  Lets begin!

First off, you must first get to the part in the story where you kill Barthandelus in Oerba on Gran Pulse in Chapter 11.

After that, you must beat the following Missions (in almost exact order).

Mission 1: “Pond Scum” – Located: The Archylte Steppe – Central Expanse

Mission 2: “Goodwill Hunting” – Located: The Archylte Steppe – Central Expanse

Mission 3: “Massif Contamination” – Located: The Archylte Steppe – Central Expanse

Mission 5: “Joyless Reunion” – Located: Yaschas Massif – The Ascendant Scarp

Mission 7: “Bituitus, The Pillager” – Located: Yaschas Massif – Paddraean Archaeopolis

Mission 12: “Geiseric, The Profane” – Located: The Archylte Steppe – Arid Strath

Mission 13: “Eternity Unpromised” – Located: The Archylte Steppe – Central Expanse

Mission 14: “Defender Of The Flock” – Located: The Archylte Steppe – Western Benchland

After beating Mission 14, you’ll need to ensure Vanille has Death ability.

Mission 55: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” – Located: Oerba – Deserted Schoolhouse Roof

Mission 55 is a difficult one.  Best way I found after my searching was using Vanille’s Death ability.  She’s the only one with it and it’s in the Saboteur Crystarium in one of the final tiers.  Get a Belladonna Wand from Plautus Workshop if don’t have it already.  This gives an increase chance to Vanille to debuff a target.

Set a group up with a Sentinel, Saboteur (Vanille), and a Medic.  Set Vanille as your leader.  Make sure you have a SAB/MED/SEN and MED/SEN/MED and some Sentinel included attack based paradigms of your choice.  Set Combat Clinic as your default.  This will ensure the beginning of the fight will essentially be your Sentinel getting all the plants on him/her and heals be tight.  After they are all on the Sentinel, pop over to SAB/MED/SEN and start deathing the main plant.  There’s only a 1% chance to kill the boss, but with the wand it’s an increased chance.  Switch to Combat Clinic if you need to.  After some patience, the main plant should die instantly from the Death.  Afterwards carefully burn down the little ones.  It may take some time and some careful healing.

If you have problems living through the fight, try using some pre fight buff sols, or level up your crystariums some.  If you can get a few shots of death, you can hit retry and jump back in.  It took me 1 retry, then I was lucky to get it on my second death in round two.  Retry does not penalize you.  So, patients, and some sweat and tears, and you’ll be on the fast track to maxing your crystariums!

After the fight is over, you’ll be rewarded the Growth Egg.  Have fun and enjoy!  If have any questions, please leave a comment!

  1. March 23, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Another grinding spot is the Ochu location itself once u get a bit stronger. Giant Dog and Behemoth King give 13.2K per fight. It’s SUPER fast but all the cut scene crap takes forever. Killing Ochu and little Minochus give you 26.6K and takes a little bit longer but i think its worth it. Nice tips!!

    • March 24, 2010 at 1:53 pm

      I feel bad killing those little guys 😦 Great idea though. Not sure if you mean same one I’m thinking of, but opposite side of the canyon from the Mission 55 target is an item ball. It has a huge Ochu guarding it. Running in and out causes it to respawn.

      As for the cut scene, it helps that this game was very open with the ‘skip’ option. I love it. In any case of uncontrollable events, you can usually hit Start, Select, to skip passed. Same with like mounting/dismounting Chocobos, Digging Chocobos, opening big doors, ect.

      Thanks again Long Ho for another insightful post 😀

  1. March 22, 2010 at 10:05 am
  2. March 27, 2010 at 3:28 pm

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